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SICOR® Sisal

Sicor Binder and Baler Twine is produced from extra-long and strong Agave Sisalana fibers that assure uniform knotless twines.
It’s useful for a variety of applications mainly for Baling. Baling both square and round bales is extremely easy with Sicor Binder/Baler Twine. As a biodegradable product, is a friendly product for the environment, and won’t harm the land or animal.
There is a specific treatment to resist to rodents and insects. High production standards are followed in our Portuguese and Brazilian factories.


  • 100% Natural fibers
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non toxic
  • Treated to resist rotting, mold, insects and rodents
  • Minimum tensile strength guaranteed
  • Uniform twine thickness
  • Knot amendment free
  • Anti-insects and anti-rodents treatment

Rot & Mould Resistant

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