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SICOR is one of Europe’s major producers of synthetic and natural agricultural twines. Since 1947, we have been dedicating our know-how in developing and perfecting the finest baling twines on the market.

Our long lasting relation with growers worldwide, knowing their needs and expectations drove SICOR to the production of a wide variety of twines according to the Highest International Standards.

This range includes other technical products of high performance, such as: Technical Weavings, Cordon, Bird Nets and Twisted Ropes.

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Marine & Fishing

Sicor have been one of the world’s leading suppliers for the commercial fishing industry for the last 50 years.

As a result of a strong focus on innovation and know-how, we offer a range of products that includes twines, cordon, mooring/towing ropes and mainly fishing nets. Twisted and braided constructions are available.

We also provide a variety of quality products for aquaculture applications.

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The retail sector is undergoing a period of growth and development. The market requires specific products and increasingly values the quality of those products.

To meet the market needs, SICOR initiated a process to optimize these products. Under this strategy emerges SICOR RETAIL, a range of twines and ropes, synthetic or natural, essentially oriented towards markets such as packaging and decoration.

SICOR RETAIL combines high technology, high quality raw materials and the experience and know-how of our employees.

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Sicor has developed its industrial range through high technical performance products aimed at different kinds of applications. The products available include twines, monofilaments, twisted and braided ropes and safety nets.

Sicor’s safety nets are made in compliance with EN 1263-1 and installed according to EN standard 1263-2. Sicor is also a member of FASET, a trade association and training body for safety net manufacturing.

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Sports & Leisure

Sicor, one of Europe’s major netting producers, has launched an exciting new range of high quality sports and leisure nets.

With its own production unit, nets undergo a rigorous quality control to ensure its stability and consistency. Sicor offers a wide range of sports nets, covering all major sports, such as golf, tennis, soccer/football and cricket.

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