Sports & Leisure

Sicor, one of Europe’s major netting producers, has launched an exciting new range of high quality sports and leisure nets.

With its own production unit, nets undergo a rigorous quality control to ensure its stability and consistency. Sicor offers a wide range of sports nets, covering all major sports, such as golf, tennis, soccer/football and cricket.



All UV stabilised synthetic netting. Water shrink and sunlight resistant. Comprise, heavyweight net, steel frames or wooden poles, guys, runners…
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All of Sicor’s goal nets are made from synthetic cord which is UV stabilised to prevent sunlight degradation. The netting…
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Golf impact knotted netting is manufactured from a top quality nylon that is able to withstand the energy and impact…
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High tenacity knotted netting 28mm square mesh. Ultra violet treated, strong and durable netting, that has a longer life expectancy…
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Perimeter Fence Netting

2.5mm Dia PE netting made to any size required. All netting is UV stabilised. Mesh sizes and colours can be…
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Sports Hall Netting

Available for indoor practice nets, divisional nets, canvases, and roof/lights/window protection nets. All UV stabilised polypropylene synthetic netting. Water shrink…
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Manufactured from polyethylene braided or twisted knotted netting. All types of nets are available including club and competition tennis nets.…
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