STOCKMENS™ Binder and Baler Twine is a brand that has been developed in order to meet the needs of the American market.
It’s useful for a variety of applications mainly for baling. Baling both square and round bales is extremely easy with STOCKMENS Binder/Baler Twine.
As a biodegradable product, it is environmentally friendly and won’t harm the land or animals.
The sisal has been treated to resist rodents and insects. High production standards are followed in our Portuguese and Brazilian factories.


  • 100% Natural fibers
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non toxic
  • Treated to resist rotting, mould, insects and rodents
  • Minimum tensile strength guaranteed
  • Uniform twine thickness
  • Knot amendment free

Rot & Mould Resistant

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