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Sicor are worldwide manufactures & suppliers of nets, ropes & twines for fishing, marine & shipping, sports & leisure, agriculture and many industrial applications.

Our Portuguese factories have ISO 9002 certification and export to over 60 different countries.

Sicor International have a diversified portfolio. Our range of products include fibre ropes, twines, cordage, sports nets, safety nets, scramble nets, camouflage nets, bird control nets, litter control nets and complete landfill systems.

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Group Profile

Sicor Portugal was founded on the 22nd of September 1947, as result of the amalgamation of several traditional rope / twine makers. In December 1971 Sicor became a public limited company.

With experience of almost 60 years and equipped with the most modern technology, Sicor Portugal employ over 350 specialised employees and technicians to ensure the production of quality products.

The Sicor group is currently composed by several companies:

Sicor - Sociedade Industrial De Cordoaria, S.A.
Sicornete - Fios e Redes, Lda
Sicorlis - Aprestos Maritmos e Comercio Geral, Lda.
Sicor - International Ltd.

The Team

Sicor International’s first site was set up in 1994 in Aberdeen, mainly providing and specialising in servicing the large Scottish fishing industry and also the off-shore markets.

Sicor decided to open an English warehouse in 1997 in order to expand the distribution of its Portuguese manufactured products. This soon lead to the opening of a factory that had the capabilities to manufacture finished nets from the imported base products produced in Portugal.

Sicor International decided to locate in Bridport West Dorset, this was the ideal location because the company could draw on a pool of skilled netmakers that were already present in the area.

The company employs a workforce of over thirty employees in premises with a combined floor area of over 20,000sq,ft.

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Twine &

Our Range

Sicor are one of Europe's major manufacture of synthetic and natural fibre ropes, twines and cordage from the finest yarns. Twisted and braided constructions are available.

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Rope, Twine & Cordage

Golf Netting

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Cricket Nets

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Tennis Netting

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Football Nets

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Perimeter Nets

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Indoor Nets

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Sicor one of Europe's major netting manufacturers, has launched an exciting new range of quality sports and leisure nets covering all major sports.

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Our Range

Sicor have been one of the worlds leading suppliers of ropes nets and twines to the commercial fishing industry for over 50 years. All are factories have ISO 9002 Certification.

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Fishing Marine
Industrial Range


Sicor safety nets are made to EN 1263-1 and installed to EN standard 1263-2. EN 1263-1. Sicor are also a member of FASET who are a trade association and training body for safety net manufacturing.

bird control Bird control

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Our Range

Site litter control can be time consuming and costly. The Sicor Litter System offers effective litter entrapment, it is lightweight, easy to erect and environmentally sympathetic.

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Litter Control